CRRC - 1996 Soar-in
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Contest Results

[Photos courtesy of Al Hurd and Dave Walter]
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CRRC hosted a 2 day Open class sailplane contest on August 3-4, 1996. This was the first contest conducted at the Davis Farm Field in Sudbury, Mass. and all went very smoothly. We were initially worried that the field might be a bit too small, but it was able to comfortably accomodate 3 winch lines, 2 landing circles, and about 25 contestants.

Day 1 was CD'd by Fritz Bien, who imposed a challenging set of tasks. The first round was 6 minute duration, and each ensuing round was one minute longer than the last. The last round, at 12 minutes, was a real killer if you didn't make your time!

John Nilsson was the Contest Director on Day 2. Being a much more reasonable sort, John called for 7 minute rounds, with one 5 minute task flown within the first 3 rounds, at the discretion of the pilot.

1996soarin_johnnilsson.jpg (9595 bytes)
John Nilsson releases his Terry Luchenbach designed Probe with Kenny Antonellis and timer Helmut Lelke looking on.
1996soarin_mikelachowski .jpg (9764 bytes)
Mike Lachowski returns to his canopy for some relief from the sun. Both days provided us with typically hot August weather and nice soaring conditions.
1996soarin_flightline.jpg (10189 bytes)
Things got a little busy on the flight line! At left, Dave Walter and Bob Doppler try to decide where the best lift is (or any lift, for that matter). In the center, Bob Rondeau and his neighbor Dan Ridgway point out something in the distance while Ruane Crummet bends down to retrieve his Spirit. Pilots in the background are either walking to the landing circles or returning at the completion of their flight.
1996soarin_impound.jpg (11504 bytes)
This is the transmitter impound. Thanks to diligent frequency control, there were no incidents caused by interference.
1996soarin_kurtzimmerman.jpg (12374 bytes)
Kurt Zimmerman prepares to launch his T-tail ship while his timer Jeff Steifel and Ken Antonellis watch.
1996soarin_launch.jpg (8717 bytes)
The start of another successful launch. The tree line in the background is around 800 feet away, giving us just enough winch line for a healthy tow.
1996soarin_bobpowers.jpg (13795 bytes)
Bob Powers places his mighty foot on the winch pedal in preparation for launching his Victory. Sal Defrancesco, who sells the Victory through his Northeast Sailplane Products business, stands behind Bob ready to start the watch. Les Gerhardt, seated with button in hand, is manning the retriever. All three winches had retriever mechanisms to help speed up the contest.


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