Indoor RC at Sudbury High
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[Pictures courtesy of Bruce "Mr. Digital Camera" Schneider and Jose "Gotcha" Bruzual]

February 19th a hardy band of explorers decided they'd had enough of exploring in the cold - and found a warm spot at the Sudbury High school.  Ok, ok, enough attempts to write.  The gang brought a bunch of interesting indoor RC and freeflight models to Sudbury and had a blast!  Hope to see you at the next indoor event (check the Event Calendar for listings).

Bill Dimpfl presented his Silver Dart at the March club meeting, and Jose took a couple more great shots of this model, so I added these to the bottom of the page.

Click each of the small thumbnail images below to see full-size pictures.

000219edo_bleriot3.jpg (37948 bytes)
Ed fires up his trusty Bleriot
000219peteyoung_dragonfly.jpg (34920 bytes)
Pete Young takes off with his new Dragonfly.
000219indoorff.jpg (38821 bytes)
Todd Goulet's pennyplane drifts around - almost out of danger from the RC crowd...
000219fritzusinghisbrain.jpg (42499 bytes)
As Bruce put it, Fritz was really using his brain here!
000219billdimpfl_silverdart .jpg (50362 bytes)
Bill Dimpfl gets his magnificent CO2 powered Silver Dart ready for a test flight.
000219billdimpfl_silverdart2.jpg (37337 bytes)
Here we go...
000219billdimpfl_silverdartclose.jpg (52691 bytes)
This one is a nice closeup of the Silver Dart - unbelievable workmanship as usual - and he claims "it's not really done yet"!
billdimpfl_silverdartside.jpg (135324 bytes)
Here it is from the Wingtip, as presented at the March club meeting.
billdimpfl_silverdartpilot.jpg (156453 bytes)
And the crowning achievement - moving, operational flight controls, moving with the surfaces - and the pilot operates them!

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