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CRRC History
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The CRRC, Inc. was founded under cover of darkness late in November 1964 in a basement in Newton. For several months, the original Gang of Thirteen, in true Yankee tradition, escaped discovery by authorities by meeting in various cellars throughout the area. In those days there were only about 35 RC clubs registered with the AMA and less than 12,000 members.

By 1965, CRRC had come out of the underground to start meeting at the Newton YMCA (though still in the dark of night). Membership burgeoned to 17! In these early years, there were no officers, only a chairperson. The newsletter was a postcard announcing the next meeting. No one knew how to fly an RC model except, perhaps, that Arizona transplant Bob Fish.

We flew, sort of, at the Wayland High School soccer field. RC gliders hadn't yet been imported from those heathen edges of the world such as Germany and California, and digital proportional radio was a new kid on the block. People used to fly with radio systems called reeds and galloping ghosts. The big names in radio were Citizenship, Bonner, F&M, and ACE. In 1964 some young man started his company called Kraft .

By 1966, CRRC had grown to 25 members, the AMA to 16,000 members, and some of them could actually control a landing! Super Monokote had not yet been invented. We flew all year long, on skis, in snowstorms, off the ice, in rain, below freezing, but it didn't help very much.

In 1967 we had a contest. The New England Radio Controllers Meet at Orange was one of the biggest RC events in the country. Kraft, Izzo, Martin, Bonetti, and even Ernie Huber all flew. Bob Fish began to win the New England All Events RC Championship.

In 1969, Alan Spievack won the New England Scale Championships, and Dick Jansson introduced soaring in New England. By 1970, CRRC was able to sponsor and run the New England Championship with Bob Fish as CD. In 1972, we exceeded 100 members for the first time with Russ Davis as president. We got a real flying field, dedicated to RC, later named Callahan State Park. We ran 4 AMA sanctioned contests: scale, H-Ray racing, a fun-fly, and a soaring contest.

In spite of many field problems, growth pains, and other clubs competing for membership, CRRC,incorporated in the State in the late 70's, is now one of the oldest New England RC clubs. Our strength has been the ability to find and maintain good flying fields, help new RC enthusiasts to learn, and to have interesting club meetings and events.

CRRC now enjoys the use of three AMA sanctioned fields in Sudbury, Medfield and Framingham. We are in constant search for new fields to continue to enjoy the hobby we love. 

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