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This section of the site contains articles contributed by our members and anyone else we can cajole into contributing!  If you have an idea that you think others might benefit from, please click here to email webmaster "at"




ICOM Receivers

  • Using the ICOM IC-R2 Scanner (an R2 intro, an online quick reference, a printable "cheat sheet" for field use, and a downloadable config file to set up all RC frequencies with numerous features pre-configured)


  • Michael Lachowski's tips on JR 10 sx2 radio programming for competition sailplane use.  These notes show both how to create  programmable mixes for the standard 6-servo sailplane, and in addition show some creative uses of the programmable multi-point mixes in the 10sx2 and 10x radios.  Although it may seem intimidating if you haven't done radio programming before, perusing these might give some ideas on how to best take advantage of your current radio.
  • Dual Aileron Configuration for JR Radios, by Glenn Dean - a step by step on getting this to work along with the standard full-house rig of launch mode, reflex, landing mode/crow and switchable full-span camber or partial-span camber
  • Programming the JR 8103 for the Jaro Muller Escape (a link to a page by Ben Diss explaining his setup)
  • Reverse Differential on the JR 8103, another Tom Hoopes tip on setting up the 8103 for reverse differential in landing mode without trading off the other sailplane features
  • Sherman Knight on Programming the JR 8103 (due to copyright restrictions, we cannot post Sherman's excellent articles on the web, but he invites you to send a private email to him at DUWorm "at" if you are interested in a copy)
  • JR 8103 Gyro Control, an article by Ron Richardson on how he set up his 8103 for proportional gyro control along with a full-house sailplane setup

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