Whipper Whiz Intergalactic 2000
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[Courtesy of Harley Michaelis harleym "at" bmi.net, December 2000]

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Intergalactic Whipper Whiz 2000 Contest

Jack Gross of the Bedford Buzzards (jack "at" kites.org, Bedford, VA) has asked me to announce their intent to hold an INDOOR Whipper Whiz contest Tuesday, Dec. 26. Location is the Bedford Middle School gymnasium starting 11:00 AM.

An invitation is extended, courtesy of Jack, the appointed CD, to make this an INTERGALACTIC e-mail event. Flyers anywhere on the planet, throughout the solar system, and yes, creatures of any description throughout the entire universe, fascinated by flight of any kind, are invited to join in and report scores by e-mail.

The event is guaranteed to be a sure, albeit temporary, cure for that most horrible of afflictions, the dreaded, creeping GPS, known to be at its worst after the X-mas letdown!

To add dignity and credibility to the affair, the present world outdoor record holder, Tom Broeski, will be on hand to compete for the indoor record. His world records are 171' 4" in DISTANCE and 35.03 SECONDS in duration, accomplished in a single flight in an earlier Whipper Whiz contest this year.

Events will be DISTANCE and DURATION. Rules are: 

  1. Build any # of Whizzes you want. (Takes about 7 minutes). 
  2. Wing must be made from a 1" x 6" piece of 1/16" balsa. 
  3. Other than that, modifications may be freely made to "stretch the envelope". 
  4. Only pure arm power may be used in the contest. 

Get the kids involved! They may otherwise be bored after X-mas. Build a flock together over the next few days in anticipation of the forthcoming event. If you do not have an indoor facility available, fly anyway and report in! Let's hear about your experiences!

Find the basic Whipper Whiz plans at http://www.charlesriverrc.org/articles.htm. Page down to the On Line plans section and to get into some pics, courtesy of John O'Sullivan. Pics can also be seen courtesy of Cliff Schwinger at http://members.home.net/cliff/ww.htm.

Please report all scores, good or bad, on this exchange. Let's hear from all to get an idea of participation in this prestigious event. Please give names, ages, location, too. CD Jack will sort them out and announce winners.

Harley Michaelis, LSF023, 26 S. Roosevelt, Walla Walla, WA. 99362. (509)529-2562 

RDS website: http://www.proptwisters.org/rds2/index.html

Intergalactic Whipper Whiz Contest Results


1. Dick Proseus, Wilson, NC 10.73 seconds 

2. Ted Proseus, Millsboro, DE 10.03 seconds 

3. Tom Broeski Afton, VA 9.69 seconds 

4. James Ervin Bedford, VA 7.22 seconds 

5. Jack Gross Bedford, VA 6.38 seconds 

6. Ken Cutler Bedford, VA 6.35 seconds 

7. Johnny Whorley, Bedford, VA 5.90 seconds 

8. Stuart Hall, Cheshire, CT 5.63 seconds 

9. Jeff Ervin Bedford, VA 4.75 seconds 

10. Fred Waldbauer Bedford, VA 4.06 seconds 

11. Bill Swingle, Janesville, CA 4.00 seconds 

12. John O'Sullivan Nova Scotia 2.35 seconds 

Note: no distance scores were provided except from Bill Swingle. He achieved a total distance of 32 feet making him, by default, the World Indoor Distance Champ.

Here is a link to Jack's page with pictures from the contest.


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