Whipper Whiz Fall 2000
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[Courtesy of Harley Michaelis, harleym "at" bmi.net, August 2000]

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Whipper Whiz Fall 2000 International Competition Announcement

Announcing another e-mail Whipper Whiz Distance and Duration International Competition!

Monday, October 2nd will be the final date for posting scores to determine new Distance Grand Champion and Duration Grand Champions.

Remember the reason for this is to make loads of dispensable chuck gliders for the young kids around to spur their interest and get them involved in model aviation. This is easy, costs virtually nothing and can keep them busy for hours. They'll love you for doing something with them and it will be a kick for you, too.

Defending Champion in Distance is John O'Sullivan of the Halifax area, Nova Scotia, Canada at 133.6 feet. Defending Champion in Duration is John Fulginiti of the same area at 11.3 seconds.

It has been rumored that a prominent US modeler has been covertly practicing and is said to have exceeded 15 seconds in duration! Will there be a new champ or will those intrepid Nova Scotians rise to the challenge again?

Now is the time for all 82 who asked me for plans, many of whom must have had acute cases of inertia, to build some Whizs, which takes about 7 minutes to do, so forget the lame excuses.

Now is the time to show your best stuff and possibly save face, considering that a mere girl, 11 year old Courtney Mierop, Newbury Park, CA, a mere girl, walked off with 6th place. She even beat out that ostentatious German, Maxx Von Schnitzleberger. Last I heard he was in seclusion, licking his wounded pride, contemplating his navel and but regrouping for another onslaught. He warns again "Ve vill be back!"

The rules for this event are as follows:

The wing must be started from a 1" x 6" piece of 1/16" balsa. You might build one stock and then modify section sizes, shape, dihedral, airfoil, etc. as you like, to see if performance can be improved. The fuselage shall be made of 1/8" balsa and can be any profile you like. Decalage, tail moment arm, nose moment arm, etc. may be changed in an attempt to "extend the envelope". Launch strictly by arm power. Honor system in reporting.

Whoever posts their scores first on this exchange will be the obvious known leaders and will give others something to shoot at. However, we don't want to annoy subscribers with a month of hourly Whipper Whiz score posts. After some scores are initially posted, report them to me and I'll provide a weekly running account of leading scores.

The basic Whipper Whiz plans can be found at http://members.xoom/ramsglide/whipwiz.pdf. Or, ask me to mail the file. The text is not intended to insult your intelligence, but was directed toward kids of around the 3rd grade level. Results of the prior contest, with pics, are posted on the Charles River RC site.

The easy way to measure distance is to count and record strides from the launch point. Find the length of the stride by wetting the shoe soles and taking a measure on the driveway, etc.


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