Simple Model Hangar
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[Courtesy of Michael Cormier, - December, 1998]

I had a need to get all my stuff off the floor in the corner of my bedroom / work shop. I came up with a relatively quick, simple and inexpensive solution, you can get all you need to put it together for about $5 bucks (even cheaper if you already have the glue !).

Here are the plans for a simple model hangar in two formats:

All you need to get is a Six foot piece of 1" X 1 1/2" strapping, and two or three 3 foot lengths of 3/8 dowel.

A 1/8 drill bit & a 3/8 drill bit. And a stable way to drill the holes. (I have a small drill press).

Cut the 6 ft length of strapping in half, and mark the locations for the dowel holes spaced 6" apart.

Cut yourself 10 ,10'' lengths of dowel for the resting peg's

Drill out your receiving holes (If on a drill press just use a 1" piece of scrap wood or something close, to raise up one end to get your angle) using a hand drill, you will have to use the T.A.R. method "That's about right !". While you are at it, change bit's to the 1/8, and drill the holes for hanging it on the wall. I used a couple of brad's, and located two studs behind the wall and nailed into them (16" on center). You don't have to hang it my way if you have another preferred way of mounting, that's fine too.

Now, just insert the resting peg's with a bit of glue, hang and your done !

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