Kyosho F-16 Electric
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[Courtesy of Pål Stavn pal.stavn "at"]

We got the F-16 delivered express from Kyosho for test her in Norway. (lucky!!). I don't know when it will go into distribution - here or ww.

The model is all foam core, skinned in plastic. The wings have even been hollowed out, let's say 30%. The hole model is built in one piece, no removable wing. The color is like the prototype, red, blue and white. There are a removable hatch underside the fuselage just in front of the fan, so it should be quite easy to change rotor and motor.

You have to use four micro or pico servos, two for ailerons on two for each elevator halves. No Rudder. We have used two pico and two S-80. For ESC we have used a Easy 3000 (BEC) and a small Graupner receiver. We have used 7x1700 and 8x2000 packs. Our flying weight is 1100 gram with the 7x1700 pack.

There are two small cheater holes on each side below the canopy, so the cooling air runs through the ESC and battery department. The outlet is inside the fuselage, just ahead the fan. So it's not really a "cheater hole" but more to cool down the ESC and battery. Very nice.

There is also a option part pack, witch consists of an alu. spinner and a new prop adapter (one without set screw - I don't recall the name) BUY this option pack as we had severe problems running the fan with the plastic spinner (vibrations and very noisy) and yes - we tried hard to balance it.

The F-16 is easy to hand launch. Almost the same as the T-33. It's faster. It's easy to fly slow and it's easy to turn at high angles, both slow and at high speed. No bad habits. It's possible to reduce throttle to abt. 40%, maintain altitude, and still have full control. At 80% power we have a nice cruising speed. The landings are a bit faster than the T-33.

With four servos it should be easy to mix in spoilerons or maybe flaps. I think it' possible to only use the elevator and mix them as elev/ailerons.

As I have mentioned before - it's a very nice flying machine with much higher potential than the T-33. I believe somebody will try it with a brushless - then it will be a really fast nice airplane.


Pål Stavn


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