Harley Michaelis Genie
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[Courtesy of Gordon Cottrill, furball "at" olg.com, April 1999]

Hi guys, Recently I had the good fortune to acquire a Genie from Harley Michalelis and I thought now that I've had some flight time on it I would relate my impressions.

First of all, this is a unique and beautiful design for a ship of it's size or any size for that matter. The fuselage is a work of art. In a day of FG fusses that are mostly straight sticks with little room for servos an 8 channel RX and a decent size battery pack, it's nice to have room for something a little more robust then an HS-80.

Although the fuse has room, it's by no means bulky. Quite the contrary, it's deceptively sleek, long and strong. Combined with a large fin and flying stab the fuse gives the ship stable, predictable handling characteristics. The FG over ply construction gives it the strength It needs to carry the 144" wing, which it dose in elegant fashion.

The wing which attaches to the top of the fuse with a 1/4" and a #10 nylon bolt, and comes in 3 pieces. A 6' center section and two 3' tips that plug into the center section with a unique blade and locking screw system. My wing has an internal control linkage system that does away with those unsightly draggy servo arms, control rods and horns. It's the only way to go.

The newer design uses the RADS system for clean, accurate, slopfree control surface movement. In the air it is a thing of beauty to behold with it's distinctive drop nose, huge wing and tail and overall majestic looks, I like just watching it fly around.

When it comes to flying,,,, It's the most enjoyable plane I have ever flown. It 's so stable on the hi-start, very little input is necessary to get straight up launches. Once off I have no trouble finding a thermal as the Genie has a very flat L/D and can range in search of thermals as far as the eye can see and with it's wide speed range can either slow down to take full advantage of the lift or speed up to get you back with plenty of alt. to spare.

In a thermal it will turn in the tightest core without tip stalling and with a little TE camber slow down to a crawl. I love the way it lands too. I've never had so much control as I do with the Genie. With crow it lands unbelievably slow and predictable. I can make a contest landing on my ball cap almost every time.

I've been using some new rubber from Rich Hollyday (919-832-0199) to launch the Genie, with excellent results. it's 7/16 OD X 1/8 ID ( think about that for a second) I get 30 lb pull at 135 paces with a very linear release. with a little wind there is enough energy lift for a nice zoom at the end. I haven't had the opportunity to launch off a winch yet but I'm looking forward to some spectacular zooms.

If you like building and want a beautiful looking wonderful flying plane, give Harley a call (509-529-2562) or visit his site at http://www.rc-aero.com/lsf023/.

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