Nora Park Flyer
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[Courtesy of Christopher Hemmah, chris "at", March 1999 - as posted on Slow-Fly RC Email list - with permission]

Well, I couldn't wait any longer... I went to a local parking lot tonight and tossed her into the air. Wow! What a great flyer!! I've been flying RC for over 20 years, and this thing is one of the most pleasent surprises I have had.

At first I thought that the large prop and 4:1 reduction were a bit much, but it really hauled the NORA around with authority. I hand launched just to be safe, and it went dead ahead in a nice gentle climb. All trims were at center! No adjustment needed at all, it was right on the money. I was flying in a 6-8 mph breeze.

I buzzed around a local parking lot at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle and this little plane really scooted along. Didn't try any aerobatics - only had time for one flight, but it was calm as can be on low rates and would turn on a dime on high rates.

Slowed down nice for landing, and I flew for about 7 minutes on a 350mAh nicad pack. Just for grins I did a short takeoff hop and set it right back down again... no bad traits on the ground either. Now, it was dark when I did the test flight, so I went to a local shopping mall where I had flown my homebrew park flyer under the lights. Well, my other plane was yellow... this one was dark blue. I don't need to tell you how hard it was to see! But, I couldn't resist, and I kept it low and sort of slow. I was able to crank it right around with no bad flight characteristics at all. Mine weighed 13.6 oz ready to fly - with a FMA Tetra receiver and (2) s70 servo's with a Pixie 14 speed controller and a 7 cell 350 mAh nicad battery pack.

This is a heck of a deal - just like Sal said. I don't care if he sent me a pink one with green polkadots right now... this little plane is a must have if you want a really fun, faster flying park flyer. And no, I was not paid in any way for this endorsement, other than getting the sale price on the stuff from Sal as listed on the SFRC list. ;)

-Chris Hemmah

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