Dave's Aircraft Works PF-6
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[Courtesy of Bill Nale billnale "at" hotmail.com, March 2000]

March 13, 2000

Well, I got my Dave's A F Works PF 6 up yesterday and today. I LOVE this jewel of a plane. It ROG's in a few feet and it is pretty aerobatic. It is very responsive, turns on a dime and will loop very close to the ground. I recommend lots of rudder throw and elevator to pull out of sudden dives. You might want to add expo to the elevator to make it less pitch sensitive. I was able to fly a long (15minute +) flight in breezy conditions.

Here is what I kitted it out with: 

  • 2 S90 servos
  • 1 Hitec Feather RX
  • 1 Pixie 14 ESC
  • 9v Tadiran pack.

There are a few mods I would highly recommend before flying it. I did a little flying and a lot of fixing before I got it sorted out. 

If you hit grass that catches the LG, it will more than likely tear up the fuselage area at the LG attachment point. I also had the lower bar part of the fuse break off in grass too. The balsa fuse is thick, but pretty fragile. I laminated thin light ply on the each side of the fuse in the high stress area of the LG and the motor mount. I also ran two long strips front to back on top and bottom of the profile fuse.. 

Because this is such a light plane, it is difficult to avoid mishaps 100%. I ran 1 small tywrap around the motor and the newly reinforced motor mount, I then added a rubber band that kept the motor lined up but would allow it to flex in an impact. I used a small plastic skid instead of the wire one in the plans and I have been able to take off on very short grass. I glued two short popsicle sticks to keep the wing level to the stab and inserted two small music wire rods to hook rubberbands to. I'm glad I rubber-banded the wing vs. glueing it, as I have had two instances where it has slid back undamaged in mishaps. My mods added a little weight (AUW =11.1oz) but in no way has made the plane a pig.

You will definitely want to consider some or all of these mods or you will break this plane. My 2.1oz Tadiran pack gave me the luxury of a little added weight for reinforcing and still be in the recommended weight range.

Get one of these planes, you will love it......

BTW, I just got a new APC 10" x 4.5" 2 bladed slowflyer prop and will be trying that out very soon. It's supposed to provide more thrust and slow the plane down a bit. Additionally, it is supposed to be much more durable than the 3 bladed prop.

Bill Nale 

Round Rock, Texas

March 16th 2000 Update!

Guys, I have had almost a week of flying this little jewel and am loving it more. I just got a 17 min flight out in the fog this morning in front of my house. I flew laps mainly as I was going for duration. I want a 20 minute flight and I feel this will be attainable without breezes. 

My 9v Tadiran pack is now take a full charge now that I have the correct wall adapter. The green LED is now illuminating, when before, all that would happen is the red charging LED would go out. I tried from my car a, a Radio Shack adapter and my Astroflight power supply. 

I suggest that you just add the $10.00 adapter to your Tadiran purchase. I have a lot of rudder (almost looks like too much) and it flys very responsively with out being unstable. I reduced the throws on the elevator and it has also tamed it down a lot with out losing it's edge. 

It ROG's beautifully in about 5-8 feet on tarmac and has from short grass too. Landings are still a little tricky in breezes, but are real grease jobs in calm air. It will loop in 2-3 feet effortlessly. I have done some sloppy rudder rolls, but I will continue to practice those in a more open area than my neighborhood. All of the structural changes that I described previously have worked well and no further durability issues have come up. 

I had to tinker with the Horst 4:1 GB a bit. It started binding in the air yesterday and I ended up running a drill that was just slightly bigger than the prop shaft, through the output drum and putting plastic-safe lube on it too. It now has worked throughout a 17 minute flight without binding or making the Speed280 motor get warm. Also, burr the motor shaft in a vice and then CA the pinion to it, otherwise the motor shaft will spin inside the pinion gear. I haven't damaged any more blades since I put this in the PF 6, but at a dollar a piece , keep some spares on hand. 

All in all, this street flying facet of the hobby has opened so many more RC flying opportunities that I would have missed out if I relied solely on larger field type models. I know I couldn't have gone flying with my larger glow models in this kind of fog (in my fron yard) that I was in this morning.

I don't say that these replace the larger models, but rather it complements them.

But, I think you all knew that already.....


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