Jaro Muller Mini-Ellipse
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[Courtesy of Bill Malvey pinnacle "at" home.com, July 2001]

Just flew my new Jaro Muller Mini-Ellipse that I purchased from Aero-Models in Arizona (http://www.aero-model.com). 

For those that are not familiar with this plane, it is an all molded 60" sloper with a V-tail. Mine is yellow on top and a deep blue on bottom. The canopy is a light sky blue.

The workmanship is outstanding, as is typical of the molded European stuff. No surprises here. 

Took me about 2 days of sporadic effort to get it airborne. I installed 2 servos in the fuse (JR 241's) for the Rudder-Vators and 2 Volz Micro-Maxx servos in the wings. The wings have servo wells premolded into them. All that is need is to cut a hole for the wires and install the servo and linkages. Little ball links are supplied and screw into the ailerons. Very slick. 

V-tail sets up easy with the pre-installed pushrod housings. You have to supply your own pushrod material (0.8 mm). I used steel since I had some. CF would work well also. 

I made a small tray for the 2 JR 241's and used a JR 549X receiver without the case (I fly ham band and have a bunch of these RX's). I used an 800 mAh 6-volt Duralite battery. 

I needed about 1.5 ounces in the nose for balance. All up weight, ready to fly is 21 ounces on the nose. 

First flights were totally uneventful. Plane tracks arrow straight and I only needed minor tweaking of the throws from those suggested in the "instructions" . Balance is about 2.6 inches from the LE (range is 2.44 to 2.83 inches). With this CG the plane goes right down on a 45 with no tendency to pull or tuck. 

I need to make up some ballast to fit the fuse and I'm set. Instructions say up to 600 grams (21 ounces) can be put in it. I think this is a little optimistic. I plan to make up some 4 or 5 ounce bars to drop into the small ballast area. 

This is going to be a fun little sloper. It will stay up in very light air, yet speeds up and provides lots of fun in better lift. 

Given the workmanship, pre-fabrication, and overall performance I thin this is well worth the money ($289) and is a great plane for anyone looking for a 60" sport sloper. 

Oh yeah, Sean also sells an electric version. You can get BOTH fuses and use the same wing to go electric OR slope!! How's that?? 

Oh yeah - you've GOT to get one of these if for no other reason than to "read" the "instructions". That is the most difficult task in this plane.!!!!

Bill Malvey 

Ladera Ranch, California


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