Fixing Slow-Flyer Pinion Slippage
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[Courtesy of Sal DeFrancesco salnsp "at" , March 1999]

I would like to announce a possible problem and a fix for the gear drives used by the used by the Elfi, Nora, and now the Jodel.

Sometimes the pinion gear slips on the motor shaft. This results in decreased perfomance and sometime the inability to acheive flight.

Any of these airlplanes should have a crisp climb and a fairly fast take off from pavement. If you are having trouble with power, suspect the pinion gear.

The easy way to find out if this is the problem is to simply throttle back until the prop is not moving. Then hold onto the prop and give it a brief amount of power. If the pinion gear is set properly the motor will stall. If not, the pinion gear will slip and you will hear the motor rev.

If the pinion is slipping:

  1. Take off the motor and outer gear combo with the tightening screw
  2. Pry up the plastic pinion gear and simply put a drop of CA in the pinion gear hole and press fit back on the shaft
  3. Let dry and reassemble
  4. Try the test again and you should see the motor stall rather than spin.

The problem should now be fixed and this will result in a lot more power.

Sal DeFrancesco
Northeast Sailplane Products
16 Kirby Lane
Williston, VT. 05495


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