8103 Reverse Differential
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[Courtesy of Tom Hoopes oakley "at" xmission.com, January 2000]

>Dr. JR Boy, please show me (and the rest of the forum) some of your >magic... 8-) If you can pull reverse differential off in landing mode, >and leave my original differential setting in flight mode, I would be >amazed to see how this is done on a full house sailplane set up on a 8103.


With the XP-8103, first make sure that you have the ailerons moving the correct direction and the "crow deflection" is set in the Butterfly menu. Next, you will need to select an un-used programmable mixer that can be enabled with the Crow switch and supports FPRN as the master and slave. PROG.Mix6 does the above. Enter the master as FPRN and the slave can either be FPRN or AILE. Hit the select key unitl you reach the SW: location. Flip the CROW switch to the landing mode. Toggle through the mixer enable settings until the mixer is activated (it will either be BTFY1 or BTFY0, depending which position you have used for landing settings in the Butterfly menu). With the landing stick at full travel, scroll to Rate: in the PROG.Mix6 screen. While holding the aileron stick to to left or right full travel, hit the (+) or (-) key until the opposite aileron drops down to neutral. Move the stick the other direction and the opposite aileron should then drop to neutral.

With the 388, reverse differential was sort of achieved by first canting the aileron servo arms and aileron horns toward the leading edge of the wing (assuming that the arms hung below the wing) then setting differential in the T.ADJ screen instead of implementing differential in the DIFF screen.

>>I currently own a couple of Styluses, Vision, JR-347, JR-388, JR XP-8103, >>MPX Cockpit MM and I know them all very well. > > >How does the MPX Cockpit MM compare to the radios we have been discussing >here? It sure looks different.

The MPX Cockpit MM doesn't compare head-to-head with the radios mentioned above. If it had one or preferrably two programmable mixers, I think that it would make an excellent HLG radio. The hardware already supports the addition of a Launch mode switch (as in HLG launch mode) but there is no way to mix an offset into the elevator. The radio supports all of the other functions such as vtail mixing, exponential, dual rates, aileron-to-rudder mixing or rudder-to-aileron mixing, spoilerons, flapperons, and digital trims. The radio does support a PC interface and has 9 model memory slots. The radio is very light, easy to hold and for all of you endurance junkies, it will last 240+ minutes (read 4 hours) of run time per charge partially due to the fact that it uses 6 cells instead of 8.

Tom Hoopes (oakley "at" xmission.com)


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