Introducing the ICOM IC-R2 Scanner
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[Courtesy of Joel Foner joel.foner "at", December 2000]

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  • Introducing the ICOM IC-R2 (farther down this page!)
  • An ICOM IC-R2 Quick Reference (an easy to read "How-To")
  • A printable "ICOM IC-R2 Configuration Cheat Sheet
  • An "RC Channel Chart" memory bank setup for the config file below
  • An ICOM IC-R2 configuration file (28 kB RTSystems ICF file) to load your IC-R2, IF you have the RTSystems cloning software.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  You can load your system with this configuration file in five easy steps - using the RTSystems Windows Cloning Software (this assumes that you have already installed the software, and that it is configured for the serial port that you plugged the cloning cable into):
    1. Download the ICOM IC-R2 configuration file above, and store it on your PC's hard disk (somewhere where you can find it!)
    2. Select Programs/ICom Programmer/ IC-R2 Programmer from your Windows START menu
    3. Select FILE/OPEN in the programmer software, and open the RC_IMAGE.ICF file that you downloaded above.
    4. Select RADIO/SEND DATA TO on the cloning software menus.
    5. Follow the plug-in steps on the pop-up, click OK, and when it's done, turn the R2 off and then on again - you're done!

Introducing the ICOM IC-R2 Handheld Receiver

The ICOM IC-R2 is a compact, ultra wideband scanner-receiver that can be used for radio control systems frequency scanning. 

I use the IC-R2 every time I fly.  I just pull it out of the flight bag, turn it on and let it sit in scan mode in the pits while I set up.  If I hear even a chirp, it's time to go looking around, and maybe not fly if there's no apparent cause.  At the field, and even at contests it is unsettling to see how often a transmitter is left "hot" in the impound or on the transmitter rack... 

With the configuration file below, the IC-R2 can also be used as a "club scanner" to continuous-scan all standard air frequencies on one scan band, for a fraction of the price of a "big-time spectrum analyzer".

*** A BIG thanks go to Lee H. DeMary SILVER182 "at", who came up with some key ideas for the memory configuration!

Oh, so you don't even want to read this one page about the IC-R2 and it's cool stuff?  You want to start RIGHT NOW?  Here is an ICOM IC-R2 Quick Start Guide to get you going.

Why is the ICOM IC-R2 Hot?

There are several nice features of that make the IC-R2 really useful as an "every time I fly" kind of tool:

  • Covers the entire range of 500 kHz - 1.3 GHz (except for cellular channels) - here is a chart of the bands covered by the R2:
  • Available for about $200 complete (much less than dedicated RC scanners and esoteric signal analyzers that do more we need for day-to-day use)
  • Cloning software that enables the configuration of the unit to be stored to a PC, recalled from a PC, or edited on a PC!  (and that's part of the reason for this page - I've included a configuration file below that pre-sets most of the RC frequencies in the R2)
  • 400 channel memory storage, in 8 banks of 50 channels each
  • Scanning either by pre-set memory locations, range of frequencies, or full-band

Cloning Software

One of the cool things about the IC-R2 is that you can get "cloning software". This allows you to save all the settings in the R2 to your PC, edit them on the PC (if you wish), and upload a new configuration to the R2.  The ICOM cloning software is made by RT Systems (click here for cloning software information).  At the time of this writing, the software with the interface cable is $39. 

Here are a few screen shots - click on each small thumbnail image to see a full size picture of each screen:

icomprogrammer_main.jpg (54564 bytes)
Here is a shot of the main screen.
icomprogrammer_editfreqs.jpg (49033 bytes)
Here is the screen used to set up memory bank frequency assignments.
icomprogrammer_editmemory.jpg (43716 bytes)
And here is the memory preset edit screen.

Other Information

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