Dual Aileron Config for JR Radios
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[Courtesy of Glenn Dean, GlennDean "at" aol.com, June 2000]

This is interesting so I'll jump in with another alternate method (this will work on a 783/388 as well):

1. Use glider mode and ENABLE dual flap mode. Select SW + T for flap mode.

2. Plug a Y-harness into channel 1; connect it to the flap servos.

3. Plug outboard ailerons into channels 2 & 5

4. Plug inboard ailerons into channels 6 & 7.

5. Center all surfaces, adjust aileron throws, etc. Set your flaps so they go 90 degrees down with full deflection of the throttle (flap) stick, with your crow/butterfly switch in landing mode ( I use position 0).

6. Put crow switch into camber position . Use MIX B to mix CH1 to CH 1 at a negative value (say -80%), switched on at BTF0 or BTF1. Done correctly, when you pull the flap stick down in landing mode, you get full flaps; in camber mode, you only get partial (camber) deflection.

7. Set your launch and reflex settings on the inboard ailerons using travel adjust for the three-position switch. Enable Flap-aileron mixing with FUP+FDN switch selection, and the appropriate percentage to get the outboard ailerons to droop with the inboard ailerons. Then use MIX A to mix CH 6 (master) to CH 1 (slave) to on FDN to get the flaps to droop to match the inboard ailerons in launch mode.

8. Enable aileron-flap mixing, using the mixing switch. When the mixing switch is engaged, both inboad & outboard ailerons move together as ailerons, when not engaged, only the outboard ailerons move (NOTE: an alternate way to accomplish this is to use MIX F to mix CH 2 (master) to CH 6 (slave). Mix F is a trim & include mixer so it will affect channels 5 and 7 as well. Turn on with the BTF 0 or BTF1 -- with the crow switch in "land" mode you'll get both ailerons moving together, in camber mode only the outboard ones move. This way you only flip one switch, instead of two, in the thermal -- but you can't switch the ailerons out separately)

9. Turn on Flap-Elev mix, selecting FUP+FDN, if you want elevator compensation at launch.

10. With the crow switch in landing mode, pull the flap sitck to your landing position. Use MIX SP to adjust first the F setting (inboard ailerons) and the A setting (outboard ailerons) for full crow. Add elevator compensation as required (or use an 8103 P-mix to have a non-linear mix).

11. With the crow switch in camber mode, and the flap stick all they way down, use MIX SP to adjust the inboard & outboard ailerons down to match the inner flap thermal camber.

12. Use the elev-flap mix if you want snap-flap, MIX D if you want rudder-elevator mix.

You should now have: launch mode on the three-position switch (flaps & both ailerons down, with elevator preset). Reflex on the three-position switch. Landing mode, flaps down, outboard ailerons up, inboard ailerons up or down (your choice), on the flap stick. Camber mode: flaps & both ailerons down, adjustable with the flap stick. Normal camber mode uses outboard ailerons only -- inboard ailerons mixed in by hitting the mixing switch (or use landing mode with the alternate setup).

Is this what we're looking for? comments?

Glenn (glenndean "at" aol.com)

Harker Heights, TX


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