Flying - Hand Launch Golf Rules
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[Courtesy of Scott Marshall, Scott.Marshall "at" -, August 2000]

Inter-Mountain Silent Flyers (IMSF) Handlaunch Golf Contest Rules 


First pilot listed for each group is the scorer and official for the group. One throw equals one stroke. Lowest score wins. 

  • In case of a tie, we will use the lowest score on the hole handicaps - proceeding from hardest to easiest hole played until a winner is established.


Launches must be behind the BLUE (championship) tees. 

  • Pilot may have someone else launch, but the pilot must be within arms reach of the designated launcher. 
  • On subsequent flights, plane that is farthest from the hole is launched first. 
  • The plane must be launched behind the point of the previous landing, no nearer the hole. 
  • Pilots may follow the plane in the cart or on foot.


The nose of the plane must come to rest within a wingspan of the hole in order to "hole out". 

  • A plane that lands inverted or sheds parts has NOT holed out.
  • Once the plane is on the green, the pilot may elect to hole out taking a two (2). 
  • If he decides to fly out the hole, he will get two (2) attempts to hole out, if he does not hole out in two (2) attempts, pilot will take a three (3) and move to the next tee box.


If your flight is good enough to move the marker, write your name on the card and stick it in the ground where the nose of your glider came to rest.


  1. Only one pilot per frequency - please inform CD of the frequency you will be using. 
  2. Play quickly. (this is really important to good relations with the course management!)
  3. Clear the green area quickly so that others may land. 
  4. Do not drive carts near tee boxes or greens 
  5. Repair all marks on greens 
  6. You must take all replacement planes, battery chargers and repair equipment on course
  7. You may not leave the course for repairs or to switch planes. 
  8. You will be allowed one 5 minute time-out for repairs. 
  9. First group pull pin and set on side of green away from the hole, place foam noodle in hole. 
  10. Last group collect noodles and replace pin. 
  11. Also collect the closest to the pin and long drive markers. 
  12. NO spikes or cleats, unless softspikes designed for golf (and even then - why would you need them for this event?). 
  13. Pilots must arrange for their own drivers. 
  14. Drivers should have license and insurance. 
  15. Have fun but please be careful, we don't want anyone to get hurt, and we don't want the course to get hurt. 
  16. Many people will be watching our group, very closely, due to the unusual nature of our event.  Please keep this in mind and behave in such a way that we'll be invited back.

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