Why Throw DLG's Lefty?
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[Courtesy of Bruce Davidson, Got2soar "at" cs.com, July 2001]

If you are getting ready to start discus launching I urge you to consider putting the throwing peg in the right wing and throwing with your left hand. Left or right handed you will be learning something that is completely new and this launch style takes little hand coordination. The advantages to throwing with your left hand are huge, you have you thumb on the stick through the entire launch and catch so you have control when you really need it.

I just finished teaching this technique to a right hander who was very reluctant. We first started with him holding the radio in his right hand only while I threw for him. We did that for 15-20 minutes until he got comfortable with the launch preset. For the next 15 minutes he did the chucking while holding an extra TX and I did the controlling with the real TX. Once his launches were smooth he was on his own. In less than two hours he was launching high enough to get 60 seconds dead air time.

I have instructed several new discus chuckers and a common hurdle is a late release. If your new earth beater goes straight into a roll from you hand try an earlier release. Another thing is most wanna throw it upward. Throw it at the horizon, it works for me. The discus launch style is very much like a golf swing. Wind up the spring first and release smoothly accelerating through the entire rotation.

See ya at the NATS HL

Bruce Davidson 

Louisville, KY


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