Aint Too Proud to Beg...
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[Courtesy of Bill Malvey PinnacleGuy [pinnacle "at"], September 1999]

Here's a little lesson I learned this weekend.

After more years than I care to admit in RC, including a fairly wide spectrum of the hobby, I still have things to learn.

I have been flying my 25% Edge for 3 months now and having a good time with it and making a reasonable showing at the contests I have entered. The plane flew well, but I felt it was not as sharp as it could be.

This past weekend I let an experienced and talented pilot have a turn at the sticks just to get his impressions. I felt it was nose heavy, which he immediately confirmed. He then went on to make one small suggestion. He suggested a little more aileron rate coupled with less expo. Finally he trimmed out some unseen (by me) roll after doing a nifty dive test to check the aileron trim.

These very small changes, a little weight in the tail (+/- 2 ounces); minor tweak of the radio; and, 4 clicks of aileron trim have made an enormous difference. The plane just flat flies smoother and handles better now.

I have become a true believer in letting a skilled pilot you know and trust have a turn at your plane, just to see. You might be surprised!! I know I was. All simple little things, but what a difference.

Thanks go to Paul Kopps for showing me that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!!

So don't be too proud to beg!!!!

Bill Malvey IMAC 2156 Aliso Viejo, CA

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