Mark Drela's AG and HT Airfoils
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[Courtesy of Mark Drela, drela "at", October 2000+ 
- web presentation by Tomer Jackman, jackman_tomer "at"]


This page was put together to provide a "One Stop Shop" for Mark Drela's specially designed airfoils. The three main tables in this document list the different transitions and usage of the airfoils, as well as providing links for downloading the coordinates and related polar analysis. 


The nomenclature in the airfoil list requires a little explanation.

Most of Mark Drela's AG airfoils have variants for use on different
sections of a particular wing. The root airfoil is tweaked to perform better on the smaller chord found on the outer sections of the wing. 

They are listed as:

"root tip" 
"root mid1 mid2 tip" 

to suggest how to blend the family of airfoils. 

The letter near the end of an airfoil name stands for the flap hinge line location in respect to the leading edge. 

Letter Hinge 
a 60%
b 65%
c 70%
d 75%
e 80%

A "t" on the end means the airfoil was thickened near the flaperon hinge line for structural reasons.

Airfoil transitions and uses 

 Wing airfoils

Airfoils  Usage Airplane names Notes

AG03 AG11

Built-up and solid-balsa small HLGs; Built-up small electrics needing large speed range Wood Apogee  
Composite HLGs, Apogee

Note 2;Breaks: 20%,80%,92%

AG04 AG08

Composite HLGs, strongly favor launch and run; Apogee, Taboo Composite S8E rocket gliders

AG12 AG13 AG14

Composite HLGs, roughly equal emphasis on float and run;  XP3 (polyhedral version)  

AG16 AG17 AG18 AG19

Composite HLGs, emphasis on float; Composite light 2M poly gliders Photon, Watson-Sidewinder;

Composite Allegro


AG25 AG26 AG27

Composite heavier 2M poly gliders    

AG24 -> AG25 AG26

Composite 3M poly gliders; Hallett Bubble Dancer  

AG31 AG32 AG33

Built-up small aileron gliders  Wind Dancer  hinge at 75-80%

AG36 AG37 AG38

Built-up 1.5m poly HLGs -  

AG35 AG36 AG37 AG38

Built-up light 2M and 3M poly gliders Allegro-Lite, Bubble Dancer  

AG34 AG35 AG36

Built-up heavier 3M poly gliders -  

AG40d AG41d AG42d AG43d

Composite 3M aileron gliders  Aegea 3m  

AG45c AG46c AG47c

Composite 1.5M aileron HLGs  SuperGee Note 2

AG455ct AG46ct AG47ct

Composite 1.5M aileron HLGs SuperGee II, XP3, TabooXL  

AG44ct AG45ct AG46ct AG47ct

Composite light 2M aileron gliders Aegea 2m  

Tail airfoils

Airfoil(s) Usage Airplane names Notes


All-moving small-glider tails Allegro-Lite can be thickened to 6-7% for larger gliders


DLG and light 2M tails Allegro-Lite hinge at 35-50% chord

HT13 HT12

Heavy 2M tails    

HT14 HT12

3M tails new Mantis  


Built-up tails Bubble Dancer  


Cambered tails SuperGee  


Cambered DLG vertical tails SuperGee  

Airfoil coordinates and polars

Airfoil Coordinates CompuFoil COR files Polars
AG03 ag03.dat -- ag03_polars.pdf  
AG04 ag04.dat ag04.cor ag04_polars.pdf  
AG08 ag08.dat ag08.cor ag08_polars.pdf
AG09 ag09.dat ag09.cor Note 1
AG10 ag10.dat ag10.cor Note 1
AG11 ag11.dat -- Note 1
AG12 ag12.dat AG12.COR --
AG13 ag13.dat AG13.COR --
AG14 ag14.dat AG14.COR --
AG16 ag16.dat ag16.cor ag16_polars.pdf  
AG17 ag17.dat ag17.cor ag17_polars.pdf  
AG18 ag18.dat ag18.cor ag18_polars.pdf  
AG19 ag19.dat ag19.cor ag19_polars.pdf  
AG24 ag24.dat -- --
AG25 ag25.dat -- --
AG26 ag26.dat -- --
AG27 ag27.dat -- --
AG31 ag31.dat -- --
AG32 ag32.dat -- --
AG33 ag33.dat -- --
AG34 ag34.dat -- --
AG35 ag35.dat ag35.cor ag35_polars.pdf
AG36 ag36.dat ag36.cor ag36_polars.pdf
AG37 ag37.dat ag37.cor ag37_polars.pdf
AG38 ag38.dat ag38.cor ag38_polars.pdf
AG40d(-2) ag40d-02r.dat -- --
AG41d(-2) ag41d-02r.dat -- --
AG42d(-2) ag42d-02r.dat -- --
AG43d(-2) ag43d-02r.dat -- --
AG44ct-02r ag44ct-02r.dat AG44CT-02R.COR --
AG45ct-02r ag45ct-02r.dat AG45CT-02R.COR --
AG45c-03 ag45c-03.dat AG45C-03.COR --
AG455ct-02r ag455ct-02r.dat AG455CT-02R.COR --
AG46ct-02r ag46ct-02r.dat AG46CT-02R.COR --
AG46c-03 ag46c-03.dat AG46C-03.COR --
AG47ct-02r ag47ct-02r.dat AG47CT-02R.COR --
AG47c-03 ag47c-03.dat AG47C-03.COR --

1. Polars not provided for tip airfoils as flow not really two-dimensional (2D) at the tip, so the analysis wouldn't be particularly meaningful... 
2. Editors addition

Tail Airfoil Coordinates

Airfoil Coordinates CompuFoil files
ht05 ht05.dat ht05.cor
ht08 ht08.dat ht08.cor
ht12 ht12.dat ht12.cor
ht13 ht13.dat --
ht14 ht14.dat --
ht21 ht21.dat --
ht22 ht22.dat HT22.COR
ht23 ht23.dat HT23.COR

Polar Comparisons

bulletComparison: ag37, ag35, s3021 (re100k)
bulletComparison: ag37, ag35, s3021 (re70k)
bulletComparison: ag37, ag35, s3021 (re50k)
bulletComparison: ag18, ag16, sa7035, rg15 (re100k)
bulletComparison: ag18, ag16, sa7035 (re70k)
bulletComparison: ag18, ag16, sa7035 (re50k)
Comparison: ag03, ag04, ag08, s6063 (re 30k)
bulletComparison: ag03, ag04, ag08, s6063 (re 40k)
bulletComparison: ag03, ag04, ag08, s6063 (re 30k)
bulletComparison: ag03, ag04, ag08, s6063 (re 40k)

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Document Version History

Feb 2nd, 2005
AG16 AG17 AG18 to AG16 AG17 AG18 AG19 in wing airfoil section (jaf)

March 4th , 2003
Initial (tj)



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