Scale Silver Paint
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[Courtesy of Scott Black, sblack "at" and Frank Tiano, FTiano "at", as posted on EFlight - September 1999]

For those who might have been interested in my search for silver paint, I acquired a pint of the paint described below last night. I mixed and thinned as per instructions and believe it or not I was able to spray it out of my dinky badger internal mix airbrush. I grabbed a shoe box and applied 2 coats. It ended up going on really nice and smooth. It was dust free in 30 min. or so and seemed dry the next morning. I took the steel wool to it after 8 hrs. Frank said wait 48 hrs but hey - this was a shoe box - not a $2000 model airplane! Anyway, it looks very good and simulates dull unpolished aluminum quite well. The paint cost me $21 for the pint + $10 for hardener and $7 for reducer and I have enough to paint several models. It is certainly not the budget way to go but it looks nice. The things we scale fanatics go through....

Hopefully this will help somebody in the future.


FTiano "at" wrote:


I used PPG Delstar paint on the Mig. It is an acryllic Enamel and uses a hardener.

The part number is #33731 SILVER.

I sprayed at 35 pounds of pressure, dusted on the first coat, waited about 10 minutes or so and sprayed on 2 more light coats. I then let the paint cure, in a warm place, for 48 to 72 hours!

After it's cured, I take # 0000 steel wool and rub the entire finish down. this gives a realistic weathered effect and takes some of the shine out of the silver. Rub the steel wool in the direction of flight on the wings and from top to bottom on the fuselage.

After that, paint on the rest of your markings or put on the Pro Mark stuff. I did not put any clear coat over it because the Kerosene doesn't bother the paint.

Hope this helps, Frank


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