Instant Micro Servo Mounts
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[Courtesy of Bill Grenoble, September 1998]

Here is a way to make practically instant servo mounts for micro servos, assuming that the servos will be mounted flush up against either a fuselage wall, fuselage floor or a bulkhead.  This technique may not sound like it will work, but give it a try.   You'll end up with a very solid mounting, with very little servo flex, that will still break loose if you need to pull the servos out - without having to create a tray!

  1. Cut a piece of double-stick tape the size of the servo surface to be mounted.  For instance, if you will be mounting servos to the fuse floor, then cut a piece the size of the bottom of the servo.
  2. Attach the tape securely to the bottom of the servo (using the example above).
  3. Stick the servo securely to the bottom of the fuselage - press down to ensure that it is stuck firmly all around.
  4. Dribble a drop or two of thick CA over both of the "long sides" of the servo base, so that the drop of CA touches the servo case, goes over the foam of the double-stick tape, and lands on the wood fuselage bottom.   (This may take tilting the fuse a bit to get the right angle...)
  5. Let the CA cure for 10-15 minutes.

Voila!  Servo mounted as securely (or more so) than a tray, yet easy to pop out with a hard twist - and it took practically no time and added almost no weight!

Why does this work?  It seems that the CA is wicked into the double-stick foam a bit and stiffens it up, while ensuring that everything stays attached under load.   (This is a great method for gliders and electric planes, but you may want to think a bit before using it with power ships, since the CA does take away a good amount of the "spring" in the double-stick tape.)

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